If you are considering buying a home in Illinois, Inverness can be one of the best options. Inverness is a village in Illinois founded by Arthur McIntosh. In 1926 he acquired the land for its development and renamed it Inverness. Arthur McIntosh chose the name as it was the name of the village in Scotland where he and his clan were from. Inverness homes not only reflect the proud traditions of the past, they also blend together the convenience of the here and now.

Inverness is a smaller community in Illinois, encompassing only 6.5 square miles. The  borders of Inverness are Dundee Road at the north; Barrington Road at the west; Roselle Road at the east; and Algonquim Road at the south. One of the interesting attributes of Inverness, is that while it is small, it has two ZIP codes. Inverness has the 60010 code for barrington, but also shares the 60027 for Palatine. This is because Inverness does not have a post office of its own. Although Inverness homes have this unique attribute, there have been no complaints from residents of not getting their mail on time.

While Inverness is not the biggest of the Illinois communities, it is still a great place to live and raise a family. Inverness homes have a great sense of community, and the neighbors tend to be friendly, and are always available to lend a hand, or have a barbecue.  

There are three main subdivisions in Inverness; Maison Du Comte, The Shires of Inverness, and Weatherstone. Each subdivision has its own unique qualities, even though they are literally a stone’s throw apart. If you are looking for the cream of the crop then you will want to look at Inverness homes in Weatherstone. If you are looking for more of a starter home, then you might choose either The Shries of Inverness or Maison Du Comte.

Whether you are looking for homes for sale, rent, or even for sale by owner, Inverness homes offer a wide variety to choose from. The homes in Inverness are older, being anywhere from 50 years old or more, and are built on lots of an acre or more. It has only been in the last 20 years that these homes have started to be converted into large luxury homes at reasonable prices.  As of 2011, Inverness homes generally cost around $600,000, which is not bad considering the same style home in Chicago could easily be a million dollars or more!