The John Herman Team is pleased to release the latest results for the December 2013 real estate performance review in Deer Park, Illinois homes.

While attached homes stayed flat, with just 1 sold in December 2012 and December 2013, detached homes showed a 300% increase in sales, with 1 sold in December 2012 and 4 sold in December 2013.Number of homes on the market from December 2012 to December 2013 stayed consistent. There was 1 attached home on the market in December 2012 and 2 in 2013. Likewise, for detached homes, in December 2012 there were 17 on the market and in December 2013 there were 18.

Time on the market increased slightly for attached homes. In December 2012 the average days on the market was 39, and in December 2013 it was 46 days, an increase of 17.9%. For detached homes in Deer Park there was a large increase of time on the market. In December 2012 homes were on the market an average of just 10 days (down from 387 days in 2012). In December 2013 the average time on the market was 58 days, a 475% increase.

The number of months of inventory was up in attached homes from just half a month in December 2012, to 2 months in December 2013. In detached homes there was 7.5 months of inventory in December 2012 and 3.9 months of supply in December 2013, a 47.5% decrease.Prices did not show a large change, but were slightly down for attached homes and slightly up for detached. In December 2012 the median price for an attached home in Deer Park was $390000, in December 2013 the price dropped 15.9% to $328,000. There was a 10.8% increase in the median price in detached homes. In December 2012 the median price was $400,000. In December 2013 it was up slightly to $443,001