Algonquin Illinois is fast turning into one of the most sought after places to call home in the Chicagoland area. It is situated about 40 miles northwest of Chicago, and even though it has a permanent population of about 24,000 people living there, it has some of the most highly trafficked shopping areas in the area. Shopaholics from all over the place make their way to visit the astounding Algonquin Commons. The Algonquin commons are home to just about every kind of retail store, wholesale outlet, restaurant and fast food joint you can name. Situated on the Randall Road corridor, the shopping center is nestled close to two other major shopping outlets which boast Target and Walmart as their main attractions. If you consider yourself a gourmet, and love food, then you will definitely fall in love with the wide variety of eateries in Algonquin. The people that call Algonquin home, boast that they never have to set foot in Chicago, as they have their pick of every nationality and price range of food.

Is it any wonder that people are quickly scooping up some of the most affordable and beautiful homes in the state of Illinois?

Should you choose an Algonquin home for sale to call your own you will have plenty of local and nearby attractions to take advantage of. Some of the attractions you will be able to enjoy include Buffalo Park, Santa’s Village, Racing Rapids Water Park, The Fox Falley Trolley Museum and the Dundee Township Historical Society Museum.

If you are looking for good clean family fun, then you can’t go wrong with Racing Rapids Water Park. If you happen to enjoy a round or two of golf every now and then, you won’t want to miss out on the prestigious Golf Club of Illinois and the Terrace Gold Course.

If you manage to exhaust the above options and are looking for something else, then there is always the Riverfront Park, Hill Climb Park, Towne Park, Kelliher Park, Cornish Park, and Ted Spella Park to enjoy. Weather you want to go and ride a bike, or simply pack a lunch and go laze around, the natural beauty of these parks will leave you spellbound for hours.

For those of you who are boating and fishing enthusiasts you will definitely enjoy many hours frolicking about Manchester Lakes and Algonquin Lakes.

So, if you are still sitting on the fence about packing up and making the move to Algonquin Illinois, just take the plunge. You will be glad you did.

 Fishing and boating can be enjoyed on the Manchester Lakes and Algonquin Lakes.  If you are thinking of moving, don’t forget to consider one of the many fantastic Algonquin homes for sale… you will not be disappointed.

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