November 2013 Real Estate Performance Review for Fox River Grove, Illinois by The John Herman Team

The John Herman Team is pleased to release the latest results for the November 2013 real estate performance review in Fox River Grove properties and it appears that for the most part the market is almost the same as last year with very little change from November 2012 to November 2013 statistics with one important exception: detached homes are selling for 36.5% more money.

In November 2012 the median price of a detached home in Fox River Grove was 162,659, while in November 2013, the median price was $222000. This is great news for sellers. On the other hand, prices for attached homes were down just a bit with a 13.9% decrease. In November 2012 the median price of an attached home was $115000, and in November 2013 it was $99000.

The number of homes was almost the same from one year to the next. In November 2012 there were 3 attached homes for sale, and in November 2013 there were 2. In November 2012 there were 38 detached homes for sale, and in November 2013 there were 36, just 2 less, or a 5.3% decrease.

The numbers of new listings taken were exactly the same as a year ago in both detached and attached homes. There was 1 attached property listed in both November 2012 and 2013. There were 8 detached homes listed in November 2011, 2012 and 2013.Months of supply were slightly down for both, but not significantly so. There was a decrease from 1.8 months supply in November 2012 to 1.5 month supply in 2013. For detached homes there was a greater span.

In November 2012 there was 6.7 months supply and in November 2013 there was a 4.6 month supply, or a 30,7% decrease.Number of homes sold was flat, with 1 attached home sold in both November 2012 and in November 2013, and 4 detached homes sold in 2012 and 2013.

The market in Fox River Grove homes was flat from the period a year ago, but the simple fact that homes are selling for more, show a market on the upswing a great time to sell.

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